The National Deaf Church conference (NDCC) was founded in 1967 as a way to bring representatives from Deaf churches across the country together to learn and share.  This year, 2017 we celebrate 50 years of NDCC and we will have this celebration at the Spring Conference in May.  So watch this space for further information including photos and possible memoirs from members.

Over the past fifty years NDCC has changed and developed to meet the needs of the times.

Our biggest recent change was the change of name in 2005 from NDCC to Deaf Anglicans Together (DAT) to reflect the change from a committee with formal representatives from each diocese to an organisation open to those who wish to join. At the same time we adopted a formal constitution and became a registered charity in our own right.

One thing has remained the same for 50 years though, the chance for Deaf Anglicans to meet and share within a larger group than is ever possible in their own diocese; a sharing that all find encouraging and inspiring and which they take home to encourage and inspire Deaf people in their own area.